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Updated through 6/30/06

Bulkeley through Allen and Chetwoode

The Royal Ancestry most well-known is that of the Bulkeleys through both of the Rev. Peter Bulkeley's wives, Jane Allen and Grace Chetwoode. The details on their ancestral lines were presented by Donald Lines Jacobus in his 1933 The Bulkeley Genealogy. See also Gary Boyd Roberts' recent 600 Royal Descents (2004).

Dodge-Conant through Richard More

But there is at least one other Concord-associated family with Royal Descent which was not well known until recently. That family is DODGE and their Immigrant Ancestor of Royal Descent is the now well-known "Mayflower Bastard".

Hannah Conant was born in Concord on 12 February 1740, the daughter of Ebenezer and Ruth (Pierce) Conant. [VR Concord p. 167 cited in MF 2, p. 132-3.] She was “of Leominster” when she married in Lunenberg on 8 November 1761 Josiah Dodge. Josiah was a fifth generation descendant of the Pilgrim Richard More. Through his mother, Richard had royal descent from Edward I of England and the Scottish kings Malcolm III and David I. [MF 2, p. 121.]

Hannah Conant and Josiah Dodge had i.) Eunice, b. 1762, ii,) Mary , b. 1764, iii.) Josiah, b. 1767, iv.) Anna, b. 1769, v.) Elizabeth, b. 1771, vi.) Reuben, b. 1773, vii.) Daniel, b. 1775, viii.) Ebenezer, b. 1779.

For their descendants, see Joseph T. Dodge, Genealogy of the Dodge Family of Essex County, Massachusetts, 1629-1894. Madison, Wisconsin, 1894. For the More to Dodge generations, see Robert M. Sherman, ed. Mayflower Families 2 (Plymouth, Mass., 1978). For a modern popular history of Richard More, see David Lindsay, Mayflower Bastard: A Stranger among the Pilgrims (St. Martin's, NY, 2002).