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Draft posted January 2002. Updated 6/17/07

Robert M. Gerrity
Yankee Ancestry
P. O. Box 2814
Acton, MA 01720

What's in the spelling of a name? Faced with a myriad variations for Irish names, the English-influenced compilers of Griffith's Valuation regularized all surname spellings for ease in indexing. Thus all forms of "Garrity, Gearrity, Geraughty, etc." were turned into Geraghty. The oddest spellings that I’ve encountered, such as "Gority", also should be treated as legitimate spellings, unless their derivation can be shown to be otherwise. "Heraughty" is also considered a variant of Garrity. (In New York the spelling "Gerrittee" appears regularly in the Censuses, but where I’ve been able to check it, it’s Dutch in origins.)  I use the spelling of the name as it appears for that person initially in the records and then as it normally appears in official records.



B. poss. PATRICK GERAGHTY, b. & d. county Mayo, Ireland, m. [ ] [ ].

It is possible that following tradition, Michael named his eldest son Patrick after his own father. (Patrick the younger himself certainly did this, as his first 2 children were named "Michael" and "Mary", while it was his last two children, "John" and "Bridget", who were named after his wife's parents.)

If so, then the Patrick Geraghty leasing land house and gardens in Bellyvary and land in Old Keelogues, as listed in Griffith’s Valuation, is probably Michael’s father, not his son. At the time of this valuation, Patrick the younger would have been between 20 and 24 years old, certainly not able to afford leases on his own.

The dates for the valuation of these townlands within the civil parish of Kildacommoge cover the years 1852 to 1854. However, some of the information may be older. A review of the valuator’s notes at Castlebar Library, Castlebar, Mayo, Ireland, is called for to try to identify more tightly the dates for this information.

The other Geraghtys in this civil parish are: at Keelogues Old -- Anne who is leasing a house, Anthony who leases land and a house; at Bellyvary – Michael and Patrick; at Laghtavarry –Michael; and at Corraun -- Thomas, James and John who are leasing "land, house & offices" separately. There are a number of relationship possibilities among these people. None may ever be proven.

Note that the Kildacommoge Civil Parish is actually split into 3 parts, all separated by the adjoining Parish of Templemore. Two parts are in Carra Barony & contain the townlands known as Keelogues New and Keelogues Old. Ballyvary is in Gallen Barony, the large 3rd part to the west of the first two. Was I surprised to see that! This separation may continue down to the present; I haven't been able to check that yet.

General vital records do not exist before 1864. Even then they can be sparse. After a bit of correspondence, the Mayo North Family Research Centre's researcher did look at Geraghty death records as follows:

"There were no death records at parish level at all. The only death records available are Civil/State Registers. The Register relevant in this instance is Balla. We have checked Balla Civil Death Register for reference to all Geraghtys in either Keelogues or Ballyvary. Three entries were located:

(a) Catherine Geraghty, Keelogues, died 27th July 1882 aged 78. She was a spinster.
(b) Martin Geraghty, Keelogues, died 15th August 1877 aged 76. He was a bachelor.
(c) Sarah Geraghty, Ballyvary, a shopkeeper's widow died 1st March 1873 aged 76."

I’ve placed an order through NEHGS for other relevant vital records for Ballyvary.




Perhaps of Ballyvary, Civil Parish of Kildacommoge and Keelogues Old RC Parish, Mayo, Ireland, but perhaps of a neighboring parish. I am in the process of identifying them and checking GV for names. My aunts always referred to them as being from Westport, however.

There is a Michael Geraghty leasing land in Bellyvary. The lease is for just land. There was no house or "offices" on it as there was on the leased land held by "Patrick Geraghty", also in Bellyvary. At present, I hypothesize that this PG is father to Michael as he is leasing more property and a house. Together, with Michael’s eldest son Patrick, they may be working other land on sub-leases. Those arrangements are known to exist but are not reflected in Griffith’s.

A review of the Land Cancellation Books from 1859 to 1947 for the Castlebar Rural District may show whether or not PG I, Michael or PG II ever actually came to own any of the land they worked. Lease arrangements after Griffith’s exist, if at all, in the leasor’s private collections that may or may not exist in Mayo or in Dublin at the NLI.

Children, GERAGHTY, all born in Ireland:
1.  Patrick.
2.  Mary or Maria. "Family information" has always maintained there was a daughter of this name who stayed in Ireland. However, the godmother for brother William's eldest son Thomas is listed as "Maria Garrity". Other baptismal records must now be searched and also CT marriages for post 1870.
2006-06-30 Update: Maria Garrity married Thomas Sweeney at Old Keelogues Church in 1864. This is the same Sweeney couple that brothers Thomas and William Garrity are living with in Bridgeport Ct as recorded in the 1870 Census. This family has been traced forward through the early 1930s when the obituary notice for Thomas Sweeney Jr lists my grandfather Thomas E. Gerrity as a pall bearer.
3.  John, perhaps. Based on the entry in 1870-71 Bridgeport City Directory. It is possible this is ctually Thomas as the name above "John" is another John. The original researcher may have written down the wrong first name or the compositor just carried the previous given name down one line. This "John" is not in the next year’s directory. It’s also possible that indeed this is a fourth brother who migrated. Further research in CT records required.
4.  Thomas.
5.  Michael, perhaps. "Family information" has maintained there was a brother of this name who stayed in Ireland.
6.  William.



1. PATRICK GARRITY, (likely Michael, poss. Patrick).Patrick Geraghty was born on 12 April 1830 {gravestone} or 1834 {calc. from 1901 US Census}, and died on Sunday, 3 March 1901 in Bridgeport CT. He married at Keelogues Old RC Church at Ballyvary on 26 May 1861 SABINA CORLEY. She was the daughter of John and Bridget Corley. She was born in 1841 and died in Bridgeport CT on Thursday, 31 March 1921 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John J. Buckley.

Patrick worked for the NY, NH & H railroad.

From "The Bridgeport Evening Post", Tuesday, March 5, 1901, p. 3:

Deaths – The funeral of Patrick Garrity was held from his late residence this morning at 8:30 o’clock and from the Church of the Sacred Heart at nine. Rev. Father Lyddy read the prayers and chanted a requiem Mass in the presence of a large gathering of mourners. Internment was made in St. Michael’s Cemetery. Henry Johnson, Daniel Mahoney, John Cody, Michael Sullivan, Patrick Skelly and J. Malloy acted as pall-bearers.

Identifying these pallbearers could provide additional Mayo connections.

Children, Garrity, all b. Ireland and baptized at Keelogues Old RCC, Ballyvary:
7. Ann, baptized 12 July 1863. Sponsors were John and Bridget Corley. {The baby's grandparents, Sabina's parents re her death cert.}
8.  Michael, bap.3 September 1865. Sponsors were Patrick McAlpine and Catherine Corley. {Sabina's sister? Who Patrick?}
9.  WIilliam, bap. 1 January 1869. Sponsors were William and Catherine Geraghty. {Perhaps Patrick's own uncle or cousins?}
10.  Thomas, bap. 30 April 1871. Sponsors were John Joice and Margaret Corley.
11.  Mary, bap. 27 August 1873. Sponsors were David Joice and Ellen Doherty.
12.  John, bap. 26 September 1875. Sponsors were Thady Corley and Mary Joyce. {Sabina's brother? & another sister (married) or friend?}
13. Bridget, bap. 9 March 1879. Sponsors were Thomas Walsh and Celia Lalor {family friends only?}


 4. THOMAS GARRITY (likely Michael, poss. Patrick), Thomas was born in county Mayo, Ireland either between June 1841-June 1842 [calc. from 1870 Census and see below]. He died at his house on Church St., Fairfield CT on 10 July 1916 of "organic heart disease and chronic bronchitis" after a two year illness. Burial was in Oak Lawn Cemetery, Fairfield. [Fairfield Vital Records, 1915-1919, Deaths].

He married in 1882 CATHERINE WELCH. The marriage is not recorded in Fairfield. Statewide records at CSL in Hartford need to be consulted. She was born in Ireland in 1852-53 [Fairfield Vital Records, 1868-1901, pp. 56, 62, 68, 76, 80] and emigrated in 1880 [1900 US Census R133, 4-67-14-89]. Her parents’ names and place of origin in Ireland are presently unknown.

It is Thomas’s death record in Fairfield VRs that confirms the name of Patrick, Thomas and William’s mother as "Mary Loftus".

Thomas first appears in US records in the 1870 Census, age 28, "Laborer". [Roll XXX, ED-xx-260.] His birth year would therefore be late June 1841 to early June 1842. He was living with his brother William as boarders in the Thomas and Maria Sweeney household. For the Sweeneys, see comments under William.

In the 1900 Census, Thomas stated his immigration year as 1865. He is likely the "Thomas Garrety of Bridgeport" who became a citizen on 22 March 1875 at the Court of Common Please of Fairfield County at Bridgeport [p. 49].

I have not been able to locate this Thomas in the 1880 Census. He is not in the Soundex for CT as he did not marry until 1882. He is not living in Fairfield or Southport [page by page search at NARA-Waltham, 4/7/2000]. There is as of yet no index for CT for this year.

Thomas is not listed in any Bridgeport City Directory until 1877 when he may be the "Garrity, Thomas, laborer" at "347 Clinton Av." This same Thomas is listed again in 1878, now as "bds 40 Pequonnock", but is not listed thereafter. Thomas is listed in the Fairfield section for 1901 as "farmer", "H[ouse] Mill Hill District".

In the 1900 Census, Thomas gave his birth month and year as "Jan. 1855" and his age as "45". (His wife Katherine gave the exact same information.) He’d been married for 18 years and had had 5 children with 3 still living. He gave his occupation as "Farm Laborer." He owned the house he lived in and had a mortgage on it. He stated his year of emigration as 1865 while Katherine stated her emigration date as 1880. [Roll 133, 4-67-14-89.] I have not yet searched the Fairfield listings for the 1910 Census.

Just where Thomas was between 1865 and 1870, between 1871 and 1877, and again between 1879 and 1883 when his first child was born in Fairfield, is unknown. So is where and when he met and married Katherine Welch. CT VRs at CSL in Hartford must be searched.

Fairfield Vital Records [1868-1901, p. 56, 62, 68, 76, 80] provide some interesting additional information under "Births". It was regular practice to record the father and mother’s ages at the child’s birth and also the mother’s maiden name. It is from this information that we know Katherine’s surname, Welch, and also that her given name is consistently spelled Catherine in the town records.

Thomas’s "ages" can best be seen if tabled as this:

Date Given   Age  Birth Range
June 1870    28    late June 1841 – early June 1842
Aug 1883     43    late Aug 1839 – early Aug 1840
June 1888    45     late June 1842 – early June 1843
June 1889    52     late June 1836 – early June 1837
June 1900    45     Jan 1855
July 1916      69    July 11 1846 – July 10 1847

Throwing out the highest and lowest ages still gives a year range of 1841-1847. As Thomas is definitely older than William is, and William’s "outside" birth year is 1846, Thomas’ birth year range narrows to 1841-1843, making 1842 the most likely birth year. And that corresponds to his first given age.

The John Snyder family was enumerated just before Thomas’s family in the 1900 Census. See comments below re Augie Snyder, friend of Richard M. Garrity.

Children, Garrity, all born Fairfield CT (Fairfield Town Records).
14. Mary A. (23 Aug.1883 – 6 July1884 "of cholera").
15. Margaret T. (28 Nov. 1884 - ? ), m. John J. KEALEY.
16. Thomas Joseph Richard (19 Dec. 1885 - 1952).
17. Mary E. (27 June 1888 - 1920), never married.
18. John R. (2 June 1889 – {1899/1900?}).


6. WILLIAM GARRITY, (likely Michael, poss. Patrick). William was born in county Mayo, Ireland in between early June 1845 {calc. from 1870 Census} or early June 1848 {calc. from 1880 Census and gravestone record}. He died in Bridgeport CT on 11 March 1895. He married in 1871 MARY MOLLOY {1900 US Census}. She was born in county Cork, Ireland between June 1849 and June 1851 {calc. from 1870, 1880 and 1900 US Censuses}.

William first appears in US records in the 1870 Census, age 24, "Laborer". [Roll, ED-xx-260.] His birth year would therefore be late June 1845 to early June 1846. He was living with his brother Thomas as boarders in the Thomas and Maria Sweeney household. The Sweeneys were recent immigrants as their youngest child, Marguerite, age 1, was born in Ireland. Perhaps William had come with them. Maria may even be a sister, or either Sweeney a cousin or neighbor in Ballyvary. Ship passenger lists for the period 1865 through June 1870 at NARA-NY need to be checked.

William next appears in the Bridgeport City Directory of 1871-72 on p. 229 [Bridgeport Public Library Special Collections. I have not located a directory for 1870-71 though one should exist]. The name is spelled "Gerrity"; he is listed as laborer who boards at 13 Walter Street with a "John" Gerrity, also a laborer. See above.

He is likely the "William Gerreghty" of Bridgeport who was naturalized as a US citizen on 15 March 1876 at the Court of Common Pleas for Fairfield County sitting in Bridgeport. [P. 86.] Residency requirements for citizenship were 5 years in the country and 1 year in the state.

William and his family were resident in Fairfield at the June 1880 enumeration, not Bridgeport. [Roll 96, 2-139-22-9.] William gives his age as "32", gaining just 6 years in 10. He is still a "laborer" but more specifically one with the "RR". (The Hartford, New Haven and New York railroad.) The three children listed, Thomas, Mary and Kate were all in school. No children are recorded for William and Mary in the Fairfield VRs [Town Clerk’s Office] yet this may have been a stay of some duration as he is not listed in the 1880-81 through 1882-83 City Directories. "Family statement" is that Thomas was born on a farm in Fairfield. Birth records for all the children are being sought from the City of Bridgeport.

William is listed as resident in Bridgeport in each of the city directories from 1883 through 1894. He is always called "laborer, RR". The family was at two locations on Park Avenue, moved to 18 Railroad Avenue for several years, and then from 1890 until 1893 was at 56 Warren Street. The year before his death they moved next door to 54 Warren Avenue. In 1896, Mary and the children were at 71 Gregory. Note that, as William died in mid-March and the 1895 directory called his wife "widow", this means the annual directory was a mid to late Spring production.

From "The Bridgeport Evening Post", Tuesday, March 12, 1895, last page:

Died.  Garrity – in this city, March 11th 1895, William Garrity, aged 46 years. Friends are invited to attend the funeral from his late residence, No. 54 Warren St. on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. and from Sacred Heart Church at 9 a.m. Internment at St. Michael’s Cemetery.

In the 15 years since 1880, William gained just 14 years. Either that, or his birth month was late March, April, May or early June. If the later, than William’s 1880 age of "32" may be the correct age, rather than the "26" of 1870. His gravestone gives just death date and "age 46". At least, he was being consistent about his age from 1880 on.

Children, Garrity, all born CT, Thomas in Fairfield, the rest perhaps in Bridgeport. (Family Records and 1870, 1880 and 1900 US Census – where listed as "Garrety".)
19.  Thomas Edward , b. Apr. 1872.
20.  Mary Elizabeth (1874-1898), did not marry.
21.  George, bap. St. Augustine Cathedral 1876, d.y. (1900 US Census).
22.  Katherine (Jan. 1877-1966).
23.  William J. (July 1880-1961).
24.  J ames P. (Nov. 1882-1913).
25.  Delia (Brdiget), b. May 1885-1950), did not marry.
26.  M argaret C. (Aug. 1887-1953).
27.  Anna (Jan. 1888- ?).
28.  Elizabeth (1892-1972).



7. ANN M. GARRITY (Patrick, likely Michael, poss. Patrick). Ann married JOHN J. BUCKLEY (? - 1947).

Children, BUCKLEY, born Bridgeport CT
7-1  John. No children.
7-2  Thomas. No children.
7-3  Mary B., m. [ ] Hayes. Ch.: i. Anne, not m., ii. Marylou, m. [ ] Walsh, 3 ch.
7-4  Joseph. RC priest.
7-5  Catherine. No children.
7-6  Raymond, m. [______]. Ch.: i. Raymond, 1 ch., ii. Kenneth, 2 ch., iii. Elaine.
7-7  William, m. [_______]. Ch.: i. Eleanor, 3 ch., ii. Irene m. [ ] Carroll, 11 ch., iii. Kathleen, m. [ ] McNamara, 5 ch.


8. MICHAEL PATRICK GARRITY (Patrick, likely Michael, poss. Patrick). Michael (1865-1916), married SARAH CAREY (? - 1942).

Children, Garrity, born Bridgeport CT:
8-1  Walter W.
8-2  William J.


9. WILLIAM GARRITY (Patrick, likely Michael, poss. Patrick). William (bapt. 1 Jan. 1869- ?), m. MARY [________].

Children, Garrity:
9-1  May S. (1897-1918)


10. THOMAS H. GARRITY (Patrick, likely Michael, poss. Patrick). Thomas was baptized 30 April 1871 Keelogues Old RC Church, Ballyvary, Ireland, and died in Bridgeport on 1 October 1957 [CT Death Index #16576 ]. He married KATHERINE [_______].

He is likely the Thomas Garrity listed in Bridgeport, CT City Directories (1930+) as a "Chauffeur, wife Katherine, at 120 Harral Ave."

Children, Garrity:
10-1  Walter T.
10-2  M. Agnes.
10-3  Kathryn F.
10-4  Helen.


11. MARY A. GARRITY (Patrick, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), baptized 27 April 1873 at Old Keelogues Church, Co. Mayo, Ireland and died in CT during 1968. She married in CT during 1898 DAVID HEGARTY who was born in NYC during August 1873 and died  in Bridgeport CT during 1924. His sister, Ellen, married Mary's cousin, Thomas E. Gerrity, no. 19 below.

Mary gives her birth month & year in the 1900 Census as May 1874 & her age as "26". Keelogues Old RCC register gives her baptism date as above. As I also have a birth year for David of 1872. Mary definitely and David probably shaved a year off their ages for this census.

Children, Hegarty:
11-1  William (May,1899- ?), m. Alma Malarky.
11-2  Veronica, m. Wilton Goss.
11-3  Margaret, m. James Updyke Ch.: i) James, ii) Peter.
11-4  David.
11-5  Catherine.


12. JOHN J. GARRITY (Patrick, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (bapt. 26 Sept. 1875 - 1930) m. (1st) CATHERINE MCGARRY(1870 or 1877- 3 March 1911), m. (2nd) HELEN M. MCGARRY (1885). Catherine was the daughter of William and Margaret (______) McGarry. Her gravestone gives birth year of 1870 while her death certificate has a penned-in (not typed) age of 34. It is likely Helen is her sister.

John apparently had no surviving children from his first marriage. I have not located him and Catherine in either the 1900 or 1910 US Census as of yet.

Children, Garrity, born Bridgeport CT:
12-1  Helen M.
12-2  John J.


13. BRIDGET GARRITY, (Patrick, likely Michael, poss. Patrick),  (bapt. 9 March 1879 - ?), m. WILLIAM RAWSON.

Children, Rawson:
13-1  Robert William, b. Bridgeport 16 Jun 1908, d. Bridgeport 31 March 1926.
13-2  Marion, living 1997.
13-3  George Spowert, b. Bridgeport 11 Jan. 1915, d. Bridgeport 22 Sept.1984, m. Marian Ruth Schmidt, b. Rahway NJ 9 June 1915, d. New Haven CT 10 May 1974, daughter of Mattias P. M. and Caroline R. (Thergesen) Schmidt. Ch.: i. Daughter living 1997, ii. William P., iii. Son living 1997.
13-4  Earl Reid, b. Bridgeport 2 Oct. 1916, d. West Palm Beach FL 9 Nov. 1986.


15. MARGARET T. GARRITY (Thomas, likely William, poss. Patrick),  (1884 - ? ), m. JOHN J. KEALEY.

Children, Kealey:
15-1 Virginia, living 1999 Fairfield CT, m. [ ] Krantz.
15-2 Margaret, called Gretta, a retired nurse, d. Victoria TX bef. 1997 aged "70", m. Lt. Col. Joseph C. Smith. Ch.: i. Joseph C. Jr. of Houston, ii. William R. of New Braunfels, iii. Dr. Thomas L. of Winston-Salem NC, iv. Margaret of Houston, m.[ ] Dunbar.
15-3 Robert, living 1999, m. Gladys [_______ ]. Ch.: i. Robert, ii. Kevin.
15-4 Frederick, m. Miriam [_______].
15-5 Catherine, living 1999 New Haven CT


16. THOMAS JOSEPH RICHAR D GARRITY, (Thomas, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), Thomas was born December 19, 1885, Fairfield, Fairfield County, CT, and died November 13, 1952 at Somers, Hartford County, CT.

He married (1) ALBERTINA VICTORIA RISSELL in about 1911 in Connecticut. She was the daughter of Peter Risell/Rissell and Matilda [_____]. Thomas and Victoria were divorced. He married (2) CATHERINE [_____] about 1950. [CT Death File #194481, Thomas J. R. Garrity, November 13, 1952; CT Death File #106981, Albertina Victoria Rissell, July 19, 1951.]

Children, Garrity:
16-1 Richard, b. 10 June1912, d. 27 Aug. 1990.
16-2 Dorothy Elizabeth, b. 21 Feb. 1914, d. 1 April 1975.
16-3 Edwin Rissell, b. 7 Sept. 1916, d. Nov. 1983.
16-4 Irene Carla, b. 9 February 1916, d. 8 March 1992.


19. THOMAS EDWARD GERRITY,  (William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (April 1872-1955). Thomas worked as a railroad switchman for over ten years before joining the Bridgeport police force in 1901. He walked a regular beat until 1917 when he became the Officer of the City Police Court. He finally retired in May 1947, turning in badge number 39. He married ELLEN HEGARTY, sister of David mentioned above, in 1902. She was born in Albany NY in 1870, the daughter of John and Ellen (Geary) Hagerty. She died in 1946. Before marriage she and her sister Julia worked together as seamstresses in a local manufacturing company.

Children, Garrity, all born in Bridgeport:
19-1  Helen  (Aug. 1903 - living).
19-2  Edward Thomas (5 May 1905 - 6 Sept. 1989).
19-3  Alice (1907 - 1985).
19-4  Marion (1909 - living).
19-5  James (1911 - 1980).


22. KATHERINE GARRITY (William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (1877-1966), m. MICHAEL H. BAIN.

Children, Bain:
22-1.  [_____]
22-2.  [_____]


23. WILLIAM J. GARRITY (William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (July 1880 – 11 Sept. 1951), m. AGNES C. REILLY.

William had worked at the Post Office, retiring as an Assistant Superintendent in Bridgeport in early 1941. They had no children.


24. JAMES P. GARRITY (William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (1882-1913), did not marry. He worked for the NY, NH & H railroad. He died of scarlet fever.


26. MARGARET C. GARRITY (William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (1887-1953), m. ROBERT HOFFMAN (1883-1953). Robert had worked as a police officer.

Children, Hoffman:
26-1 [_____]
26-2 [_____] 


27. ANNA GARRITY (William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (1888- ?), m. WILLIAM HENNESSEY.

Children, Hennessey:
27-1 [_____]
27-2 [_____]


28. ELIZABETH GARRITY (William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (1892-1972), m. JOHN F. MARTIN.

Children, Martin:
28-1 [_____]
28-2 [_____]




8-1 WALTER W. GARRITY, ( ). Walter W., married MARY B. (_____).

Children, Garrity:

8-1-1  Leo J.

8-1-2  William J.






12-1 HELEN M. GARRITY. Helen was born in 1914 in Bridgeport CT. She is presently living in New Jersey. She married CHARLES G. CURRY, who is deceased. [Letter to RMG, 1997.]

Children, Curry:
12-1-1  Thomas C., m. Maureen Nichuck, Ch: 1.) Jennifer, 2.) Erin, 3.) Juliet, 4.) Ellen, 5.) Charles, 6.) Clifford, 7.) James.
12-1-2  George ( ? – 1966 in Vietnam).
12-1-3  Philip John, m. Maureen Cross, Ch: 1) George, 2) Seth, 3) Philip, 4) Megan.
12-1-4  Kathleen, m. Anthony Santye, Ch., Santye: 1) Erin, 2) Timothy, 3) Lauren.


12-2 JOHN J. GARRITY. John was born in 1917 in Bridgeport CT. He now resides in Florida. He married SYLVIA (______).

Children, Garrity:
12-2-1  John F.
12-2-2  Donald, resides at 80 Garrity Road, Bridgewater CT.
12-2-3  Mary, m. George Anderson, Ch. Anderson: 1) Amy (1976 – living), 2) Claire (1980 – living).


16-1  RICHARD THOMAS GARRITY, (Thomas J. R., Thomas, likely Michael, poss. Patrick). Richard b. 10 June 1912, Fairfield, Fairfield Co., CT d. 27August 1990, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; m. (1) UNKNOWN FIRST WIFE, about 1943; Oklahoma City, OK; married [?] (2) JOANNE STEPEHENS, 1970, Oklahoma. He had no children.

"Richard left his family in Connecticut about 1940, and they never heard from him again. In 1998, it was discovered that he intended to go to Alaska, but made it as far as Oklahoma. He stayed there till he died in 1990. Richard worked as a carpenter, but canoeing was his first love. He married twice but had no children. Richard was interested in history and wrote several papers on the railroads, local Indian tribes and waterways." [Robert Wolf to RMG, 3/2000, email.]

Obituary, from "The Daily Oklahoman", August 29, 1990, p. 33:

GARRITY, Richard T., of Oklahoma City, died Monday, Aug. 27. He was born in Fairfield, CT and had lived in OKC for the last 50 years. He was well known as an historian, having written many articles on Okla., railroads and rivers. He worked as a carpenter. Survivors include his beloved friend, JoAnne Stephens and a host of other friends. Memorial services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Demuth Funeral Chapel. Memorial donations may be given to American Cancer Society. DEMUTH Funeral Home 1145 W Britton Rd. 843-5521."


16-2  DOROTHY ELIZABETH GARRITY. Dorothy was born February 21, 1914 in Fairfield, CT, and died 1 April 1975 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT. She married (1) ROBERT MAXWELL WOLFF 4 June 1932 probably in Plainfieid, NJ (records not found there). She married (2) ERNEST NEWTON DICKINSON, JR. in 1942, son of Ernest and Isabel (Fenton) Dickinson.

Dorothy worked at Southern New England Telephone in Middletown, Connecticut. She died from cancer.

"On January 17, 1935, Robert deserted his son and pregnant wife, never to be heard from again." [Robert Wolf to RMG, 3/2000, email.]

Children, WOLFF
16-2-1  Robert Edwin. He was b. April 19, 1934, Killingsworth,Middlesex Co., CT. He m. Judith Lee Head, 23 Feb. 1957 Kansas City, Missouri, dau. of Elmer and Norma (Tilson) Head. Ch.: i. Robert Edwin, Jr., b. 25 Feb. 1958, Gardner, KS, m. Berrilinn Cox, 9 Aug. 1980, Dexter, MI; ii. Karen Lee, b. 10 May 1960, Middletown, CT, m. Paul Edmund Wilt, 17 Dec. 1982, Greenville, SC; iii. Leeann Carla, b. 9 Dec. 1963, Middletown, CT, m. Miguel Angel Betancourt, May 27, 1986, Greenville, SC; iv. John David, b. 7 March 1972, Middletown, CT; d. 25 Dec. 1988, Minneapolis, MN of Hodgkin’s Disease.
16-2-2  Richard Maxwell. He was b. 22 May 1936, Middletown, CT; d. June 02, 1995, Minneapolis, MN. He m. 1st Norma Lynn Talbot 14 Feb. 1960 in Durant, Iowa, dau. of Emery and Jessie (Deem) Talbot. He m. 2nd [______] [______]. No issue from second marriage. He died from lung cancer; a heavy smoker. Ch.: i. Eric David, b. 5 Nov. 1960, Middletown, Middletown Co., RI, m. Valerie Louise Winningham (Eric is a jet mechanic in the U. S. Air Force (1999) and Valerie is a nurse); ii. Susan Elizabeth, b. 3 April 1962, Middletown, CT. She m. (1) Loren Michael Rapp, 11 July 1980, Arlington, SD and m. (2) David Ryan Schouten, 16 February 1996, Sioux Center, Iowa.

16-3  IRENE CARLA GARRITY, b. January 17, 1951, Middletown, CT, married RONALD D. GOFF on 15 Aug. 1970 in East Hampton, CT.

Child, Goff:
i. Ronald David, Jr., b. 19 June 1971, Middletown, CT, m. (1) Polly Ann Wilkey, 4 July 1994, Maine, m. (2) Heather Robinson, Aug. 23, 1997, Maine;
ii. Marc Allen, b. 26 Aug. 1973, Middletown, CT.


16-4  EDWIN RISSEL GARRITY.  Edwin was born 7 September 1916 in Fairfield, CT, and died November 1983 in Monroe, Fairfield Co., CT. He married (1) ELIZABETH ANN BOYNTON in about 1937. He married (2) BETTY [        ] after 1948. Edwin died of cancer of the esophagus; he’d been a heavy smoker.

Children, GARRITY, all born Bridgeport CT:
16-3-1  Thomas Rissell, b. 10 March 1938.
16-3-2  Elizabeth Ann, b. 6 Feb. 1940.
16-3-3  Joan Marie, b. 22 July 1942.
16-3-4  Margaret Victoria, b. 10 October 1947.


16-4  IRENE CARLA GARRITY, (Thomas J. R., Thomas, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), was born 9 February 1916 in Trumball, CT, and died 8 March 1992 in Middletown, CT. She married ARTHUR COWLES MINOR on 20 December 1938 in Bridgeport, CT, son of Loudon and Anna (Cowles) Minor.

Irene worked as a seamstress and homemaker. Arthur was a toolmaker and bookkeeper.

Children, Minor:
1. Allen Cowles, b. 27 April 1940, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT. He married Carole [_____]. Ch.: i. Robin Marie, b. 14 May 1966, m. [_____] Reagan, ii. Marcy Mae, b. 7 Dec. 1971, iii. April Allison, b. 26 Feb. 1976.
2. Lois Jean, b. September 07, 1943 in CT. She m. (1) [____] Detoro before 1962, and (2) [_____] Collins about 1970. Children Detoro: i. David Allen b. Sept. 14, 1962, d. April 19, 1997, ii. Eric John, b. Nov. 10, 1965. iii. John J., b. Feb. 13, 1967; d. April 24, 1968. Child, Collins: i. Tracy Lynn, b. Dec. 21, 1971, d. Aug. 29, 1995, m. [_____] Ellis.
2. George Clark, b. July 14, 1946, Hartford, CT. He m. Patricia Gagne on June 20 1968 in Middletown, CT. Child: i. Michelle, b. Jan. 26, 1965.
3. Barbara Carol, born June 07, 1942 in Hartford, CT. She married (1) Paul Polos May 19, 1961 in Middletown, CT, son of Evangulos Paul Papapolychonu. She married (2) William Joseph Niedszwecki November 13, 1965 in Portland, CT, son of Theodore and Mildred (Hollohan) Niedswecki. She married (3) John Edward Dawson, Jr. on 5 May 1982 in Charleston, NC, son of John and Gertrude (Robertson) Dawson. Barbara works as an independent bookkeeper. Paul Polos has been a chef and restaurant manager. W. J. Niedszwecki has been a carpenter and steelworker. John Dawson is a master electrician. Children, Polos: i. Evan Paul, b. 9 March 1964, m. Lynn Girouard, Sept 02, 1992, Rocky Hill, CT., ii. Kathy Irene, b. 9 July 1962, m. William Salinsky, 10 June 1988, East Hampton, CT. Child Niedszwecki: iii. Billie-Jo, b. 6 June 1966, m. Steve Frazier, 1 March 1986, Meridan, CT. Child, Dawson: iv. James R., b. Sept. 20, 1975.


19-1  HELEN GERRITY, (Thomas E., William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), was born in August 1903 and died in December 2001. Helen was a teacher at the Hallen School, Bridgeport CT. She earned her master’s in the late 1930s from NYU’s Saturday Graduate Program for Professionals.


19-2  EDWARD THOMAS GERRITY, (Thomas E., William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), married in Bridgeport on 10 October 1932 IDA PAINE REBMANN, the daughter of William Stephen and Emily Georgianna (Paine) Rebmann, born in Bridgeport on 15 March 1908. He worked at Southern New England Telephone Company from June 1932 until May 1970. He was an active member of the Knights of Columbus and the Westport Red Cross. Ida worked originally as a dental hygienist, then was at-home, returning to work in the late 1950s at Avi Publishing Company of Westport CT. She died in Westport on 21 August 1996.

Children, Gerrity:
19-2-1  Jane Ellen (1936-2001).
19-2-2  Robert Michael (11 January 1948-living).


19-3  ALICE GERRITY,  (Thomas E., William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (1907-Sept. 1985). Alice was a graduate of the St. Vincent’s Nursing Program in Bridgeport. She worked her entire career as a nurse and than supervisor with the city’s health department.


19-4  MARION GERRITY , (Thomas E., William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (1908-2004). Marion married WILLIAM HULTON ( ? -- Oct 1999). She worked in the Bridgeport city clerk’s office.

Children, Hulton:
19-4-1  Katherine.
19-4-2  Marion.
19-4-3  William.


19-5  JAMES GERRITY (Thomas E., William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick), (1911 - 1980). James married LAURETTE GILLIS in 1942, adopting her daughter Mary Jane. He was a Prudential Insurance agent.

Children, Gerrity:

19-5-1  MARY JANE, m. William Santagata, M.D. Children
19-5-2  ELLEN, m. (1) Joseph Fama. Ch., (2) [____] [_____] .  Children.




8-1-1  LEO J. GARRITY (living 1930)

8-2-1  WILLIAM H. GARRITY (living 1930)

16-3-1  THOMAS RISSELL GARRITY. Thomas was born March 10, 1938 in Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., CT. He married CAROL (_______).

Thomas and Carol were both in the Marines and met there. He had a previous marriage and another child not listed here.

Children, Garrity:
16-3-1-1  First Child.
16-3-1-2  Daniel, b. 1959.
16-3-1-3  Gary, b. 1964.


16-3-2  ELIZABETH ANN GARRITY. Elizabeth (called Ann) was born 6 February 1940 in Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., CT. She married L. FAGAN on 27 June 1959 in Stepney, CT, son of Henry and Frederika (Hitt) Fagan.

Children, Fagan, all born in Bridgeport CT:
16-3-2-1  Lou Ann, b. 24 June 1960, m. (1) Jeffrey Doehrer, m. (2) James Parkins.
16-3-2-2  Mark Lewis, b. 20 April 1962, m. Mary Heveren, 20 May 1989, Danbury, CT. 
16-3-2-3 Alan Thomas, b. 29 Aug. 1964, m. Kellie Ann Nicole Lucas, 5 Sept. 1987, Danbury, CT.


16-3-3 JOAN MARIE GARRITY.  Joan was born July 22, 1942 in Bridgeport, CT. She married (1) [______] SUNDBURY. She married (2) WILLIAM EDGETT in about 1961.

Children, Edgett:
16-3-3-1  William, b. September 1964. 
16-3-3-2  Lynn, b. 1966.
16-3-3-3  Russell, b. 1968. 


16-3-4 MARGARET VICTORIA GARRITY.  Margaret was born October 10, 1947 in Bridgeport, CT. She married (1) [_____] [_____]. She married (2) MICHAEL TORRICK.

Children, Torrick
16-3-4-1  Dale, b. about 1970 (by first husband, adopted by second) 
16-3-4-2  Heather, b. about 1971 (by first husband, adopted by second) 
16-3-4-3  Cnristopher


19-2-1  JANE ELLEN GERRITY. (16 Dec. 1936 – Dec. 2001), m. ALBERT L. LUDVINSKY.

Children, Ludvinsky
19-2-1-1  Aann Marie (1966 – living). 
19-2-1-2  Albert M. (1967 – living). 
19-2-1-3  Kevin E. (1972 – living).


19-2-2  ROBERT MICHAEL GERRITY,  (11 January 1948 – living), married first in Sudbury MA on 20 May 1972 (div. 1983) LYNDA MARY URGOTIS (23 January 1950 - living), and married second in Acton MA on 3 October 1992 (div. 2003) MARY BRADFORD (CLARK) (MARZ) EDLEFSEN (5 April 1949 - living).

Child, Gerrity:
19-2-2-1  Megan Lyn  (1975 – living)



16-3-1-1 First child GARRITY.

16-3-1-1 DANIEL GARRITY (1959-living).

16-3-1-2 GARY GARRITY (1964-living).

19-2-2-1  MEGAN LYN GERRITY, (Robert M., Edward E. Thomas E. William, likely Michael, poss. Patrick). She was born in 1975 in Maine.