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As part of the effort to develop the regional fur trade, and likely at the direction of Mr. William Spencer, an early  Bay Colony leader, Simon Willard scouted several possible settlement sites during 1634-1635. Abraham Mellowes and Atherton Hough, who had migrated in 1633 and who were brothers-in-law to the Rev. Peter Bulkeley, may have let Spencer know their expectation that Bulkeley, his family and a small group of servants and others would migrate sometime in 1635. Peter's eldest son, Edward, had been in Boston from the early fall of 1634 and was certainly in communication with his father.

Bulkeley's arrival in July or August 1635 brought all this planning together. Once the site was agreed upon, Bulkeley and Spencer then sought official permission to proceed by petitioning the Bay Colony's governing authority, the Governor and Court of Assistants sitting as the General Court, for a township. They then set about recruiting settlers.

Though "incorporated" by the General Court in September 1635, due to the lateness of the year no settlers actually came to live at Concord that fall. Work gangs may have spent part of the late winter of 1636 beginning construction of the mill and its dam at what would be the town's center. The Church of Concord itself was gathered and its "elders" elected in the early spring of 1636 while the majority of them were resident in Cambridge, then called the New Town.

Recruiting these "undertakers" took place over the winter of 1635-1636. The other prominent minister associated with Concord's early years, the Rev. John Jones with his young family,  did not arrive at Boston until late October 1635, for instance. Investors in addition to Spencer were recruited, too. A Mrs. Rachel Biggs of Boston is now known to be one such absentee "undertaker". Spencer and Biggs put in money in exchange for land grants but never had plans to settle. As to the initial group, Governor Winthrop in his journal for 1635 does refer to Mr. Bulkeley "and twelve families", but with the loss of all of Concord's pre-1654 records, just who those families were is unknown.


This is the first attempt to construct a list of the First Comers, the pre-1644 settlers. Names are derived from Shattuck's History of Concord, Savage's Genealogical Dictionary (1862-4), Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts (1900), Concord Vital Records (1899, and Robert C. Anderson's Great Migration Begins (1997) and Great Migration, 1635-1636 (1999-   ). I have also consulted original sources, such as Winthrop's Journal and both the published and unpublished Suffolk County Deeds and Wills, and the Wyman "Middlesex Court Abstract" manuscript at the NEHGS.

People are placed alphabetically in their "arrival years" using the following criteria. If Shattuck says "1635" or writes "among the first", then they are placed in 1636. Use of the phrase "among the earliest" gets them placed in 1637. Actual dates of when men were admitted to freemanship of the Bay Colony (i.e. achieved voter status) gets them placed into the year before on the basis that they had to be admitted a church member first. Achieving that status might take some time. If their first Concord record is a vital record, I assume they have been in town from the previous year. Their appearence in any other type of record also leads to the same assumption of arrival in the previous year. A certain amount of genealogical information is presented. For more about these people and their families, check back here for revisions and additions or email me at Yankee Ancestry.


   Freeman, 7 Dec. 1636, and died Nov. 1646; children by wife Susan, who married 2nd William Allen. [Savage, I: 75.] Pope says he died 18 (1) 1643, but admininistration was not granted the widow until "25 (9) 1646" or 25 November 1646. [Pope 23.].

   Freeman, 7 Dec. 1636; listed with Concord men on that date when he actually resided in Watertown; was militia captain and representative to General Court seven years. By wife Grace had five children. She died 12 May 1644, and he 21 May 1667. [Savage I: 262.]

Baptized at Odell, England, 17 June 1614; "came before his father"; joined  the Boston Church on 22 March 1635, made freeman on 6 May 1635; Marshfield minister from about 1642; made freeman of Plymouth on 5 June 1644; then succeeded his father at Concord in 1659. [Savage, I: 290.]  Edward appears to have stayed with and studied for the ministry under the Rev. John Cotton, then married and returned to Concord where his son Peter was born. [Grindal Reynolds, Historical and Other Papers; Gerrity, "Edward Bulkeley's Three Betrothals".] Morison states EB2 came with his father in 1635 but both Farmer and Savage have it correctly that he emigrated at least the year before. EB2 was the son of PB1 with his first wife Jane Allen (Royal Descent). EB2 matriculated in the University of Cambridge pensioner from St. Catherine's in Easter term 1629, when not quite 15 years old, but did not take a degree. He received a pension from Concord in 1692, and died 2 January 1695-6 in Chelmsford, likely at his daughter Mary (Bulkeley) Clarke's home. EB2's only surviving son was Peter (A.B. Harvard 1660), whom Shipton has confused with EB2's half-brother Peter (Harvard, class of 1662). [Samuel Eliot Morison, "Appendix B: English University Men Who Emigrated To New England Before 1646", The Founding of Harvard College (H.U.P., 1935), p. 369.]

   "He came on the Susan and Ellen, 1635,….. He was first of Cambridge, but next year went to Concord, and was install. 6 Apr. 1637, d. 9 Mar. 1659." [Savage I: 291.]  The fullest accounts of his life are by Donald Lines Jacobus in The Bulkeley Genealogy (1933) and the entries in the DNB and DAB. "Peter Bulkeley, born at Odell, Bedfordshire, 31 January 1582-83, son of Edward Bulkeley, D.D., sometimes fellow of St. John's and a member of an ancient landed family. Peter took his B.A. from St. John's College, Cambrdige, in1603-1604, being placed eleventh in the ordo senioritatis of that year, and became Fellow of the College in 1605.  Took his M.A. 1608, ordained the same year, and in 1610 was incorporated ad eundem gradum at Oxford. Canon of Lichfield 1609, and university preacher at Cambridge." After the death of his brother Paul, he returned to Odell, married and succeeded his father, "inheriting a considerable fortune". After his emigration with his family, he was one of the grantees of Concord and "served as pastor of the church there until death on 9 March 1658-9. In his lifetime he presented many books to Harvard College, and at his death his library was valued at L123 .... Moderator of the Cambridge Synod of 1637; author of The Gospel Covenant.... By his first wife (Jane, d. of Thomas Allen, gent.) he was father of Edward Bulkeley and John Bulkeley of the first Harvard clss; by his second wife (Grace, d. of Sir Richard Chetwode), father of Gershom (A.B. Harvard 1655), Eleazer (class of 1658) , and Peter (class of 1662). Uncle of England's Chief-Justice Oliver St. John. [Samuel Eliot Morison, "Appendix B: English University Men Who Emigrated To New England Before 1646", The Founding of Harvard College (H.U.P., 1935), p. 369-70.]

   "Concord 1635, constable 1637", d. 3 April 1677, aged 84;. Children Luke, Francis, Samuel, and William. In Shattuck Appendix called "Roger", but Savage II: 173 has Robert.

   "Concord, 1635, freeman March 1638", Concord "rep. 1639 and 1640, was an Elder of the church, married probably as second or third wife on 10 Dec. 1660, widow Mary Harrod, and died 5 April following, aged 70 years. By will, of which he made widow executrix a few days before his death, he gave most of his property to Christopher Woolley." [Savage II: 314.] No children were mentioned but the gift to the much younger Woolley would suggest some relationship between the two. See his entry in Great Migration, 1634-35 vol. 3.

   "Concord, an early settler, probably 1636", "was freeman 18 May 1642". He lived "in the part now Lincoln, was a valuable citizen quartermaster in military service had William, b. 1638; John, 23 Feb. 1641[/42]; Mary 1643; Samuel, 26 March 1645; Martha, 25 April 1649; and Sarah". He "had, in 1644, or earlier, second wife Susan, in the record made mother of Samuel, who died 5 August 1695". "His first wife was Jessie, had other children Jonathan and Nathaniel, but their dates of birth, death or marriage are unknown." Later, he was "a petitioner for grant of Chelmsford, died 12 March 1690[/91?], aged 90." "He came, says tradition from Kent". [Savage II 369.]

   "Concord 1635, one of the earliest settlers, freeman March 1638, died 29 March 1671". "He wrote his name Heaward." "By wife Mary had John, born 20 December 1640; Mary; Joseph; 26 March 1643; Sarah, 19 March 1645; Hannah, 20 April 1647, who married Jacob Farrar the first; Simeon, 22 January 1649; William, 1651; and George, 2 July 1654, who was probably the soldier of Davenport's company killed 19 December 1675, in the great battle of Narragansett." [ Savage II 391-2.]

   "Concord, came in the Elizabeth from London, 1635, aged 28: with wife Ann, 27; daughters Mary, 2; and Ann, 3 months and two maid servants. He was of Hawkhurst, in Co. Kent; had here James, b. 1637; John, 1639; another daughter Mary, 10 Jan. 1641, who died 18 August 1642, and the wife called Mary, had died 11 May 1641." "Soon he had another wife in the records called Alice, by whom was born Stephen, 27 November 1642; Hannah, 1644, and Mary, 1646; and third wife Mary, but in another place this wife is named Ellen. She died 3 March 1665."
"He was freeman 17 May 1637, and died 7 February 1685." [Savage II 466-7.]

   "Concord, came in the Defence from London, arriving at Boston 3 October 1635"  [Savage II 562 citing autobiography of Rev. Thomas Shepard.]
   "John Jones of Northampton, born c. 1592, matriculated in the University of Cambridge sizar from Queen's College, Michaelmas term 1608; B.A. 1612-13; M.A. 1616; ordained 1613. Probably rector of Abbots Ripton, Hunts, 1619-30, when he was deprived. Emigrated on the Defence with his wife and children and with Thomas Shepard, in 1635. Jones and Peter Bulkeley were leaders in the settlement of Concord, and colleague ministers of the church there. Jones, with a part of the flock, migrated in 1644 to Fairfield, Connecticutr, and served as pastor until his death in Janaury 1664-65. Father of John Jones (A.B. Harvard 1643)." Samuel Eliot Morison, "Appendix B: English University Men Who Emigrated To New England Before 1646", The Founding of Harvard College (H.U.P., 1935), p. 385.

   Indentured servant, than brickmaker & bricklayer, husband first of Elizabeth Furness and then second of Dorcas who married second William Busse. [Lechford; CoVR; GM2:1.]

   "Concord 1635, came the year preceding". "He removed, with wife and three sons, to Hartford in 1639. Later he removed to New Haven where his wife Grace died 29 Sept. 1659. He m. 8 Feb. following Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin Wilmot, and d. 8 Dec. 1661, or, as Goodwin says, 29 July 1662." [Savage II 576-7.]

   "came in 1635", son Jonathan graduated Harvard 1647. [Savage III: 220-221.]

   "Simon was son of Richard of Horsemonden, Co. Kent, where he was baptized 7 Apr. 1605. He came in May 1634 with wife Mary, daughter of Henry Sharpe of Horsemonden, baptized 16 Oct. 1614, and daughter Mary. Simon died 24 Apr. 1676" [Savage IV: 552-555, see also DAB.]


   "among the earliest settlers." [Shattuck 363.]  "freeman, 18 May 1642", Savage I: 137.d. 6 Feb. 1669, aged 54, leaving children by wife Martha, named in his will. [Savage I:137.]

   "here early but removed". [Shattuck 383.] Perhaps to Groton after 1654.

   "Concord, freem. 14 Mar. 1639; had Joseph, b. 12 Apr. 1641." [Shattuck.] "Henry, Woburn, perhaps the same as him of Concord, d. 12 Apr 1683, his w. Susanna having d. 15 Sept. 1681, but I find not the m. nor age. He m. 12 July 1682, Annis Jaquith. His will was of 18 July 1682. In it he names this w. and the ch. John, Timothy, who was of Billerica, Isaac and Sarah, w. of John Mousall, who were then liv." [Savage I: 260.]

   "came to N.E. 1636, freeman March 1638". [Shattuck Appendix, Savage II 174-5.] Flint was representative to the GC in 1637-40, and Assistant from 1642 to his death 8 November 1653. [See PB on TF at MHS Coll. 3rd series I: 38.]  Flint was the brother of Rev. Henry of Braintree.  Direct Flint descendants still own part of original grant, now in Lincoln.

   "Concord, freeman probably of March 1638", "died 14 April 1658". [Savage II 196.]

   "Concord, appointed gunsmith May 1637 to accompany the troops against the Pequots; was a miller there 1639; had Hannah, b. 8 Aug. 1641; and his w. Elizabeth d. 24 July foll. Possibly he was freeman 2 June 1641." [Savage II 219-220.]

   "Concord, with s. John foll. their min. Rev. John Jones in Sept. 1644 to Fairfield." [Savage II 263.]

   "Charlestown", "freeman 3 Sept. 1634," "after a few years was of Concord", "had wife Alice, perhaps d. of Ralph Mousall', 'had three sons and three daughters of which Mary was, we know, bapt. 27 Feb. 1636; Sarah, 27 May 1638; Daniel, 18 July 1641," Goble died Dec. 1657. "His will of 30 Nov. preceding makes wife Alice excor. Names d. Sarah, unm., and Thomas and Stephen, s. of his s. Thomas." S[avage II 264.]

   "among first settlers". [Shattuck 378.] "brother of George, freeman 14 Mar. 1639", children. [Savage III 197.] ** Joseph arrived in the ship Castle, out of London, in July 1638, as declared in the legal papers drawn up by Thomas Lechford in September 1639. [Merriam Genealogy 32-36.] [Entry revised 07/05/06.]

   "here in 1640" [Shattuck 379]. "Concord 1637, freem. 14 Mar. 1639" Savage has him marrying 2nd about age 62 & then having 3 more children, one as late as 1686. "d. 28 Aug. 1693, having made his will two years before in which are mentioned ch. of both wives" [Savage III 206]. 

   "among the first settlers" [Shattuck 382].  He married Susanna Merriam who died in 1707, served as town clerk, and died without issue on June 10, 1696. [Savage IV 36.]

   "among first settlers" [Shattuck].

"among first settlers" [Shattuck].

   "among first settlers" [Shattuck].


   "here before 1637; had children b. in this town; removed to Fairfield with Rev. Mr. Jones, in 1644" [Shattuck 363]. "Concord, freeman 13 Mar. 1639; by wife Hannah, eldest daughter of the first Thomas Wheeler of Concord, had Hannah, b. 1 June 1640; Thomas, 16 Oct. 1642; removed with his father-in-law to Fairfield, 1644, there had two more children, and perhaps others, for in 1670 were three families of this name in that town" [Savage I 167].

   by 1638 (perhaps with T. Flint) [Shattuck 365: "1635".]   "Concord, came, probably, in the Susan and Ellen 1635, aged 18, and he may have come, as Shattuck thought with Flint, the chief planter of C. as we kn. not what ship. F. came in ...." "He m. 1646, Sarah Bateman, who. d. 1664, perhaps mo. of all his ch. Mary; William; John, b. 21 Sept. 1653, who. was inhab. of Stow; Samuel, 12 Jan. 1655; Edward, 6 Jan. 1657, who. d. in a few days; Joseph, 29 Dec. 1657; and Sarah." "I suppose that in Concord rec. when it tells the b. of Mary, 19 Sept. 1648, and d. 1 Nov. following, and calls her d. of William and Mary, it is a blunder." "He was freeman. 1647, took sec. W. 1667, Jane Goodenow, possib, wid. of Thomas, wrote his name in three syllables But-ter-ick, and d. 30 June 1698." [Savage I 324] Savage also notes there is a William B. of Cambridge who came in 1635 in The Planter, aged 20, said to be from Kingston on Thames, call. Ostler; but it may have been for purposes of deception. He m., I think, Eliz. d. of John Hastings."

GENEALOGY--First Three Generations:
1 William BUTTRICK, b. abt. 1592, emigrant, resided Concord, Middlesex, MA; marr. about 1616 Elizabeth HASTINGS.
...2-1 William BUTTRICK, b. 1617, England; d. 30 June 1698 in Concord; marr. Concord 1646 Sarah BATEMAN, b. 1625 in England; d. 17 July 1664 in Chelmsford or Concord.
........3-1 Mary BUTTRICK, b. 19 July 1648 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. 1 September 1648 in Concord, age 2 months.
........3-2 William BUTTRICK, b. 1652 in Concord; marr. Martha BATEMAN, b. 1654 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA; d. 1711 in Woburn age abt 57.
........3-3 John BUTTRICK, b. 21 September 21 1653 in Concord; marr. Stow, Middlesex, MA 8 April 1679 Mary BLOOD, b. 4 March 1654/55 in Chelmsford; d. 14 February 1722/23 in Stow, age 69.
....... 3-4 Samuel BUTTRICK, b. 12 January 1653/54 in Concord; d. August 08, 1726 in Concord, Middlesex, MA age 73; marr. 21 June 1677 in Concord Elizabeth BLOOD, b: June 14, 1656 in Concord, Middlesex, MA; d. 7 March 1733/34 in Concord, age 77.
....... 3-5 Edward BUTTRICK, b: January 06, 1655/56 in Concord, Middlesex, MA d: January 15, 1655/56 in Concord, Middlesex, MA age 9 days
....... 3-6 Joseph BUTTRICK, b: December 29, 1657 in Concord, Middlesex, MA d: April 21, 1676 in Concord, Middlesex, MA age 18
....... 3-7 Tabitha BUTTRICK, b: 1660 in of Groton, Middlesex, MA; James FISKE, Jr b: August 08, 1649 in Haverhill, Essex, MA, son of James or Mary in Chelmsford VR m: February 02, 1685/86
....... 3-8 Sarah BUTTRICK, b: July 27, 1662 in Concord; Samuel BARRETT, m: 21 February 1682/83 in Littleton or Concord MA.
. *2nd Wife of [1] William* Buttrick:
........ +Mary HASTINGS m: Aft. 1667

   "Concord, freem. 14 Mar. 1639; had Joseph, b. 12 Apr. 1641." "Henry, Woburn, perhaps the same as him of Concord, d. 12 Apr 1683, his w. Susanna having d. 15 Sept. 1681, but I find not the m. nor age. He m. 12 July 1682, Annis Jaquith. His will was of 18 July 1682. In it he names this w. and the ch. John, Timothy, who was of Billerica, Isaac and Sarah, w. of John Mousall, who were then liv." [Savage I: 260.]

    "Concord 1638, perhaps br. of Rev. Edmund [yes], being among orig. proprs. of Sudbury in 1637, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, by w. Bridget had Boaz, b. 14 Feb. 1642; perhaps Jabez, b. 1644; Mary, 26 Mar. 1646; Eleazer, July 1649; and Thomas, 1651. His w. d. 5 Jan. 1681, and he rem. prob. to Cambridge, d. 3 Nov. 1688." [Savage I: 276.]

   freeman, 14 March 1639, was lieutenant and died 30 June 1698, but another has it 31 Jan. 1698. By wife Ann he had four children; he married second Dorcas, widow of John Jones, who. d. 22 Nov. 1709." [Savage I: 319.]

   Boston 1634, Concord freeman 14 March 1639. [Savage II 72.]  "here as early as 1639; his daughter Lydia m. John Luce [Law?] 1660; his son Adam m. Rebecca Brabrook 1666, and had Samuel, Joseph, Elisha, and Adam. They [son? grandsons?] removed to Marlborough about 1680." [Shattuck 369.]

   "Concord, freeman 22 May 1639", [Shattuck]. Savage II: ???: "removed and with wife Dorothy was of Charlestown church 1652; died 13 July 1667, and his widow died 14 September 1671. ""Most of his children were, no doubt, born in England", but "John, born 2 July 1640" was born in Concord. "His daughter Mary married 19 October 1644 [in Concord ?] Luke Potter." "In his will, 20 May 1667, wife and son John are made executors, but Joshua, Daniel and daughter Potter are named." [Savage II xxxx.]

   Freeman, 14 March 1639. Wife Olive, seven children with son Joseph born Concord 20 Feb. 1641. He removed to Chelmsford, and died there 1 August 1670." [Shattuck.]

   "Concord, freeman 14 March 1639" "removed to Charlestown [about 1646-1650]". [Savage II 193.]

   1638 but certainly by 12 Sept. 1640 (birth date of son Josiah). [CoVR xx.]  "was here from 1638-1644; removed." [Shattuck 378.]

   "Concord, freeman 13 March 1639", "was deacon and died 13 October 1697."
"His first wife Mary d. 8 April 1644. Her children were Eunice above and Rebecca, born 2 August 1643, d. at 2 mos.His daughter Eunice, by first wife Mary, born 2 March 1641, married 4 October 1660 John Frye of Andover. His second wife was Mary, daughter of Walter Edmonds, whom he m. 19 Oct. 1644. They had Luke, b. 30 May 1646, d at 15 years; Samuel, 1 Aug 1648; Dorothy, 8 April 1650; Judah; Frances, who did 17 Nov. 1661; and Bethia, 4 Nov. 1659." [Savage III 466.]

   "before 1639". [Shattuck xxx.]

   "before 1639". [Shattuck xxx.]

   "here in 1638" [Shattuck 385]. , "Concord", "freeman. 2 June 1641", "rem. to Fairfield, there had Benjamin, and d. 1648." Children at Concord "Rebecca, b. 16 Feb. 1640; Sarah, 11 Dec. 1641; and Ruth, 28 Jan. 1644" at least. His inv. was dated 6 June 1648. Children with their ages listed: Mary 17, Robert 15, Judith 13, Ann 11 [these 4 likely b. Eng.], Rebecca 8, Sarah 6, Ruth 4, Benjamin 3. "His wid. Mary, perhaps mo. of all the ch., m. Joseph Middlebrook who had also rem. from Concord to Fairfield." [Savage IV: 349.] {NOTE: As widow Mary sems to have had other children with Middlebrook, it is likely that first four Turney children are not hers.}

    "here as early as 1638", "removed to Chelmsford".  [Shattuck 385.]  Certainly here by 27 February 1640 (birth of daughter Remembrance, "27th day (12th month) 1639" [CoVR 3]).

   "came in 1638" with nephew Thomas Flint. [Shattuck.]


   "here before 1640" but no evidence presented. [Shattuck 363.] 

   "freeman 2 June 1641", "d. 24 Aug. 1673" [Savage I: 178].  "here before 1640";  "The family originally settled in the south parts of the town, now Lincoln, where, and in Acton, the sixth and seventh generations now [1835] reside." Son John died March 31, 1704, names John's children. [Shattuck Appendix p. 364.]

   "Concord 1639, freeman 2 June 1641" [Savage I: 205.] "d. Nov. 17 1683. His wife Ellen, 1674."Savage I: 205. He had sons Robert, James, Richard and John, who died unmarried 30 October 1692, had here Mary, born 12 July 1648; and he died 17 November 1683." [Shattuck 364.]

   Freeman, March 1639. [Shattuck Appendix.] Removed to Guildford [CT] 1650 and died 10 May 1660. [Savage II 128.]

   "Concord 1639" [Shattuck xxx] He may have moved to Stamford CT by 1658, married there and had children. [Savage II 355.] Not in Pope.

   Weymouth 1638, Concord 1639, married, two children born Concord. [Savage III: 161.] "Mr. Ambrose, Dorchester, 1637. Fined 10L and sent to Mr. Mather for instruction, for opposing covenant and ministry, 13 (1) 1638-9. Rem. to Concord." [Pope 302.]

   Likely emigrated with brother William about 1638.  She married XXX XXXX..

   "Concord 1639" [Shattuck Appendix]  "probably brought wife and child from England, had here James, b. 2 Jan. 1640, died next year; and Rebecca, 17 July 1642, removed to Southampton, Long Island that year and soon after to Fairfield, in 1670 was called senior." One son perhaps John who was of Fairfield 1664 and freeman there 1665. [Savage III 304.]  Pope gives James birth year as "1639" and death year as 1641. [Pope 334.]

   Likely 1639 or late winter 1640 as daughter Ruth born "1 (4) 1640" or 1 June 1640. [CoVR 3.]  "had Ruth and John b. here 1640 and 1642. Removed to Fairfield." [Shattuck 385; Pope 457.]

   "before 1640" [Shattuck 384]  Son Samuel graduated Harvard 1644, see Sibley, Harvard College Graduates. 

   Arrived at Boston in April 1635 on the Elizabeth, ae 17, certificate from St. Saviour's, Southwark. [Pope 489.] "In 1640 Joshua sold his lands in Concord to his brother Moses, and returned to….England." [Shattuck 385.] 

   probably by 1639, if not 1638. [Shattuck 385.] He purchased his brother's lands in Concord on the condition his brother "would relinquish his right to any legacy from his father." Freeman 18 May 1642. Wife Thomasin, 9 children. [Pope 489.]

   "came 1639" [Shattuck 385.]

   "came 1639" [Shattuck 385.]

   "came 1639", but did not stay. Returned after 1660. [Shattuck 385.]


   "came from England about 1640", "d. Nov. 7, 1662, a. 70; his [Mary] wife in 1663 [will 15 June, prob. 20 Oct.], a. 73" [Shattuck 362.] "Concord, 1640, freem. 1657, wh. d. Nov. 1662, aged 70." [Savage I:125.]

  "William removed to Chelmsford, where his descendants have since lived."  Shattuck Appendix p. 363: "probably the freeman of 2 June 1641 (since his name in the list is next to that of William Hunt of Concord)", Savage calls him "br. of Thomas", "prob. the freem. of 2 June 1641 (since his name in the list is next to that of William Hunt of C.), yet he rem. to Fairfield 1650, or earlier there d. 1658, in his will of 24 May 1656, giv. L5 to Joseph Middlebrook, and one half of his est. to s. Thomas, "now of Concord," the other half to son-in-law Henry Lyon." [Savage I: 137.]

   "Concord, freeman 13 May 1640, had Hannah, b. 28 Feb. 1641; and no more of him is known." [Savage I:357.] No other Johns are likely, except John of Portsmouth 1658, a shoemaker [Pope]. There is a John of Roxbury, 1638, mentioned by Lechford.

   Tradition says from Berwick on Tweed, "freeman 2 June 1641". Wife Dorothy, four sons and four daughters, with several born Concord. "He died 24 May 1662; in his will made 5 weeks before, he names only the eldest three children, John, Timothy, and Hannah, who had received their portions of his estate." [Savage II 396.]

   "by 1640" [Shattuck 376]. Freeman of 2 June 1641. He had "Samuel, before mentioned, Nehemiah, Isaac, William, who died before his father, and several daughters of which perhaps the youngest child was Hannah, b. 12 Feb. 1641. His wife Elizabeth died 27 Dec. 1661. He removed to Marlborough, married 1664 Mary, widow of Edmund Rice, who had been the widow of Thomas Brigham, whose maiden name was Hurd; died October 1667, will made the 21st. [Savage I 137 and II 502.] 

   "among first settlers". [Shattuck 378.] Freeman, 2 Jan. 1641. [Savage III 197.] ** Savage may have freemanship date incorrect as Merriam Genealogy gives it as "2 June 1641". This needs to be checked, also as whether he is placed among other Concord men. Either way, George arrived in the Bay colony no later than summer of 1640. He may have arrived earlier as there is record of a property sale in Tewdley, co. Kent, Easter Term, 1638 and brother Joseph arrived in July 1638 as a co-undertaker of the ship Castle. [Merriam Genealogy 36-38 which prints George's will in its entirety.] [Entry revised 07/05/06.]

   "among first settlers" [Shattuck 378]. "brother of George, freeman 13 Mar. 1639 (the day before his brother Joseph) was town clerk 1654-76, rep. 1655-8, deacon, d. 15 Feb. 1682, aged 72, leaving no children. His will of 10 Dec. before pro. 4 Apr. foll. names w. Mary, brs. Joseph and George, and their ch. and the wid. d. 22 July 1693, aged 72, [Savage III 197]. ** However, in the spring of 1638 Robert was still in England [Lechford]. Upon arrival, he settled and received grants in Charlestown where he may have remained until later in the 1640s as his admittance to freemanship on 13 March 1638-9 seems to be among Charlestown men. However, as he was named as co-executor of his brother Joseph's will in early 1640/41, I am assuming that he took up residence in Concord in 1640. Savage errs in regards his will; among those named are the children of his brothers Joseph and George; Robert's brothers were already deceased. [Merriam Genealogy 38-41, which prints the wills of both Robert and his wife Mary in their entirety.] [Entry revised 07/05/06.]

   "1640" or by 11 March 1644 (birth date of son).[Shattuck 384: "was here in 1640, but his name does not appear again."  "George Squiers had a sonne borne 11 (1) 1643." [CoVR 3:]


   CoVR p. 2 gives "wm Costin" as father of Sarah born 24 (1) 1642. Called "Costin" or "Costing" by Savage I: 461, "Concord, had Sarah, and Phebe, a. 1642, perhaps was of Boston in 1654, called Castine [there], and at Wickford [where???] 1674."

   "Concord, may have been father of the preceding [Henry]. His wife Isabel died 15 March 1642, and he died soon after, for his inventory was taken 5 February 1644." [Savage II 314.] CoVR 2 has it "15 (1) 1642", calling her wife of Nathan "Halsted" which should be read as 15 March 1643.

   "Concord, died 27 July 1645, says Farmer", but Savage notes error by a year in Register 3:177 which gives date of his will as 13 June of 1646, "while in three following attestments of witnesses, each proves, that it was the former, and the inventory was taken in December of the same year." "He was unmarried probably, for his bequests are to sister Edna, her child or children, and to brother Henry, who was also unmarried." [Savage II 341-2.]

   by 3 April 1641 (burial date of wife Sarah) [Shattuck].  "Sarah the wife of wm Symons buried. 3 (2) 1641." [CovVR 3.] He retained his house lot as his son returned to Concord about 1670 and died there shortly.


   "The wife of Thomas Doggett dyed 23 (6) 1642." CoVR p.2. "He removed from town." [Shattuck 369.] Pope has him ae 30 of Norwich, arriving New England 1637, settling at Concord, rem. to Weymouth after 1642 where he m. 2nd, was planter and town officer & then to [???] where he m. 3rd and had daughter. He d. 18 Aug 1692. 2 sons & 3 daus. Named in will. See gen. [Pope 141.] 

   by 23 August 1642: "a daughter" died "23 (6) 1642". [CoVR 3.] Pope has him "ae. 16, came in the Susan and Ellen in April, 1635. Settled at Boston; joiner. Townsman 28 (1) 1642; adm. Chh. 17 (12)1643; freeman May 1645. Wife Deborah adm. Cch 9 (8) 1642; ch. Deborah b. and d. 1642, 4 more sons, 2 more daus. [Pope 453.]


   Winter 1643-4.CoVR p.1 has it "Thomas Baguley dyed the 18th day, 1st month 1643 [18 March 1644]. Pope 48 gives variant speelings as Bigelow, Bigulah, Bagley. Pope lists John, blacksmith, of Watertown, but not in Bond. The name is correctly Baynley which is how it appears in his estate inventory probate records, SUFFOLK WILLS.

    See Great Migration 2 vol. 3.

   "gunsmith, Charlestown, made agreement 17 (7) 1640, with John Edwards, blacksmith, to take him as partner. Rem. to Concord; propr. Jan. 20 1643. One of the founders of Lancaster; named in an order of the G.C. regarding L. in 1653. Resided in Boston about 1659. [Pope 182; Suffolk Deeds 3:388.]

   "here in 1644".  [Shattuck Appendix p. 379.]  "Concord, went with Rev. John Jones to Fairfield 1644, in 1670 was propr. There, call. Sen. And prob. d. in Nov. 1686, the inv. Of his est. being 22 of that mo. He m. Mary, wid. of Benjamin Turney the first, had s. of the same name with hims. And d. Phebe, w. of Samuel Wilson, the only heirs." [Savage III: 205.]

   "1644" but soon removed. [Shattuck 384.]  "Concord 1644, of which. I have nothing, except a suggestion on Farmer's interleaved copy, that he may have been at Casco 1658." A John S. was marrying Margaret Harris at Ipswich before 1680 and a Thomas was at Charlestown in 1688 with young children. Charlestown Church minister spelled it Stanford. [Savage IV: 163.]