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Monument Square
Concord, Massachusetts

This monument is an largish triangular rock, a field stone found in Concord along the "Great Road" to Boston, "grey with weather and lichens", set at the north end of Monument Square facing The Concord Inn. A committee of fifteen headed by Edward W. Emerson chose Mrs. Anna M. holland who "executed in clay a memorial tablet, in the form of a Gothic window, bearing the inscription approved by the committee, borderd by branches of oak and laurel in honor of the citizen soldiers, while above shines their guiding star of inspiration." [Concord Town Report 1907, 143. For more about the monument, see Part Two below.] The bolted brass plaque reads:

Places This Stone
Honouring The Memory of
Corporal Ralph P. Hosmer
Private Charles A. Hart
Private George E. Adams
Of Concord Company
Co. I Sixth Massachusetts Infantry [.]
They Died At Utuado Porto Rico
In Service of
Their Country
During The War with Spain

PART ONE: Biographies and Genealogies

REGISTER-style genealogies are in preparation. If completed, they can be ordered at an inclusive cost of $10 each. The whole series is targeted for publication in 2010.


Ralph Prescott was the son of Cyrus and Anna Eliza (Prescott) Hosmer, born in Concord on 25 May 1877. He died d.s.p. of typhoid at Utuado, Puerto Rico on 11 September 1898.

He was survived by his mother, who was born in Groton 12 January 1839 and who died in Concord on 22 March 1923, and his brothers Cyrus, born 13 October 1874, and George Salisbury, born 25 October 1879, both of whom married and left descendants. Ralph's father had died at Concord 8 April 1885. Cyrus and Anna had married 17 June 1873.

Ralph's Hosmer ancestral line runs as follows: Ralph-9 -> Cyrus-8 -> Cyrus-7 -> Cyrus-6 -> Joseph-5 -> Thomas-4 -> Thomas-3 -> James-2 -> James-1. [Hosmer Genealogy II, 147.]


Charles Abraham Hart's death on 26 September at Utuado, Puerto Rico is recorded in Concord Vital Records on September 29. His age was given as 16 years, 11 months 26 days. His birth place is given as Springfield, occupation as student, and his parents as Charles S. Hart, born in Fall River, and Clara Dodge Hart, born in Albany, NY. [MAVR 482:191.] He is likely the grandson of Abraham G. and Lydia P. Hart of 134 North Main Street, Fall River with whom Charles S. Hart, aged 24, born RI, was living in 1880. [U. S. Census 1880 Mass., Bristol, Fall River, RGT9 Roll524, page 201.] Abraham, son of Jonathan and Susan Hart, born in Tiverton RI and aged 22, married 13 June 1853 Lydia Peirce daughter of Jabex and Mary Perice, who was born in Rehoboth and aged 26. [MAVR 69:108.]


A MA death record is not recorded for Adams, nor is there a card for this person in Concord Death Records, the Munroe Special Collection, CFPL.


[Concord Town Report 1907, 69, 143-44.]


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Robert M. Gerrity

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