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APRIL 19, 1775

"There were four Concord Companies present [at the North Bridge Battle], commanded respectively by Captains Brown, Miles, Minot and Barrett. No claims for service were filed with the Commonwealth in their behalf, therefore I can present no official Rolls. I found in [George] Tolman's "Concord Minute Men" a roster of Brown's Company, and for those constituting Miles's Company I am indebted to the rare original manuscript belonging to the late Dr. Charles E. Clark of Lynn, and which was sold at auction by C. F. Libbie & Co., in Boston, Jan. 15, 1901 for $275.00"
-- Frank Warren Coburn, The Battle of April 19, 1775 (Lexington Historical Society, 1922), 8-10.

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Captain Nathan Barrett's Company

Captain David Brown's Company

Captain Charles Miles' Company

Captain George Minot's Company

Graves in Concord of Revolutionary Soldiers