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M.A., M.P.A.

Born and raised a Nutmegger, I am a graduate of Staples High, Westport CT, of Beloit College, Wisconsin, and of the University of Maine at Orono. There I took an MA in History with a thesis on "The Pejepscot Proprietors: A Case Study of Absentee Land Ownership on the Maine Frontier, 1714-1819". After completing a masters in Public Administration, I returned with my family to Massachusetts to work in the fields of non-profits and healthcare. Combining my love of history with my talkativeness, I am a Licensed Concord Guide, running tours for the Concord Visitor Center last year.

For thirty-plus years, I have conducted research in all types of New England records as part of my work on "The Descendants of Ralph Pain of Freetown, MA". (The first two chapters are up on this website.) Currently, I am revising my Pejepscot thesis for eventual publication. (These Boston entreprenuers were responsible for the opening up to settlement along Maine's Androscoggin River. To my surprise, the original thesis is still used for guide training purposes at the Pejepscot Historical Society in Brunswick!)

More importantly, I am building an ALL-NAME Database on Concord Massachusetts Families up through 1800 as part of the background work for a new history of colonial Concord: The Yeomen and Their World. Lemuel Shattuck covered Concord's settlement and early development better than could be expected in his 1835 town history. However, recent work such as Brian Donahue's The Great Meadow (2005) shows what can be done now. As always, Robert A. Gross' estimable The Minutmen and Their World (1975) is both a resource and a spur.

I am member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, as well as several other state historical societies. NEHGS is a top research platform both at the building and on-line.

Your FREE Two-hour Consultation is just an email away at Send me as detailed an email as seems reasonable, noting specific dates, locations AND issues. Please include a list of ALL sources you have already checked. I'll tell you what your next step needs to be and may even be able to answer you question on the spot.


I am also developing plans for a Co-Operative Publishing Program under the "Yankee Ancestry Press" logo. Services will include editing and layout for soft-cover books on genealogy, family history, memoirs and non-fiction with a New England orientation. For more information,

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